Most painful sacrifice, the first day I rejoined my job , I left my new born who is just 3 months old , she was not even aware enough to have her milk in bottle.From the day till date I am having same heavy heart…

I know many working Mom’s have this feel, and they can understand my pain!

Wheneven i think that it makes me feel guilty and sensitive, you cant expect anyone to take care of your little one like you.You will loose your freedom for choice to decide how to bring her up!!! I wish i could stay with her …. However its for her i am running for work and home in my life… Hope she will understand me someday, she will be my good friend.

For current busy life I cant blame anyone for asking me go for job, and for my studies and for family I am trying to do my justice.After marriage many things changed , including the level of happiness.Many factors are playing vital role in making decisions,anyone can easily blame you or make you feel embaressed in front of group of people!!!

When it comes to understanding our self heart is the only one who understands us well!

I am not the first mom in the world as they say! But she is my first Baby , I have some extra care over her, hmmmm!!!! But not lucky enough to shower on her all the time … I need and wish to stay with her all the time!!! Hoping on God , everyday in my life goes like that…

I miss my friends with whom I share my love, care and sorrows!!! Not able to say a ‘Hi’ though, Running in life race , cant see who is running behind me or infront of me … But expecting someone to hold my hand and run with me :) I know and i believe Lord is there , and he is the only one with whom i am having constant communicationa and connection!

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My Little Dakssha!!!

It’s about couple years I blogged after my marriage I hardly have time to sit and think about me! Not even spending time for self-analysis… I am tired!! Need a break … My lovely Bloggieee …. How many ups and downs how I missed you so long….

Let me try to put in everything one by one …

My Little Dakssha!!! 

I am proud mother now … I have my own Gift who can make me feel all emotions together in same time!

Richer than me , you can never be

I have my little cutiepie

Who is now healing her grandparents sorrow

And hearing their stories!!!

She is our dancing doll!

She is the reason for bonding …

She is the sense behind all my choice!!!

she is spreading more happiness around me than ever

When her father holds her I feel the truth, She made him as a double lover !!!

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அன்னை முகத்தை அவனில்!!!

அன்றாடம் மாலை,
அயர்ந்து பணி முடித்து
வரும் அவன்,
ஆக்கி வைத்த உணவின்
மீதியைப் பார்த்து,
இன்றும் சரியாக சாப்பிடவில்லையே…
என்று கடிந்து கொள்வதில் காண்கிறேன்…
என் அன்னையின் முகத்தை அவனில்!!!

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வானமே போர்வையாய்
மேகமே பார்வையாய்
என்றும் எதற்கும்
கரம் கொடுத்து உதவ
படைப்பினால் அன்றி,
பழக்கத்தினால் கிடைத்த
அன்பு நட்புள்ளங்களுக்கு,
இந்நாள் சமர்ப்பணம் !!!
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Water Heated in a Microwave Can Violently Erupt and Cause Injury-Truth!

Summary of eRumor: 

The writer of the email says his or her 26 year old son was scalded by water that erupted from a container after being heated in a microwave.  The son experienced severe burns.  The writer warns that water should never be heated by itself in a microwave and quotes a science teacher who says the eruption was because the water was heated in a new container that lacked scratches on the sides to allow bubbles to accumulate and be released.  The email also quotes a doctor who treated the injured son as saying that theses incidents are fairly common.

The Truth:  
This has been a complex one to try to track down and we’ve consulted a number of different sources.  Here is our best understanding of the truth:
…As the millions of people who heat water in the microwave for coffee and tea can attest, this is not a common occurrence and we could find no record of injuries from it, although that doesn’t mean none has happened.
…When water is heated on a stove and reaches the boiling point, there are usually the characteristic bubbles that emerge from the bottom of the heated pan.  It would be easy, then, to think that all water boils like that when reaching the boiling point.  The problem is, that’s not always the case.
…It is possible to sometimes heat water beyond the boiling point but without the bubbles.   Why are there no bubbles?  When water reaches the boiling point, the water molecules need to start joining arms with other water molecules in order to create the bubble of vapor that we see as boiling.  In order to do that, some molecules need to all meet together at the same place and at the same time at what is called a “nucleation site.”   A nucleation site can be a tiny impurity, another air bubble, even a scratch on the surface of the container.
…So, here’s the scenario:  Some water is heated in the microwave and both the water and the container are clean enough that there are no nucleation sites.  The water temperature goes higher than the boiling point, but without “boiling.”  Not only that, but because of the way microwaves work, not all of the water in the cup is the same temperature.  The water lining the sides of the cup becomes heated, while some of the water toward the interior of the cup is cooler.

A real example of the story as it has been circulated:


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கண்ணீருடன் …

அத்தை மகள்
அவள் எனக்கு... அடடா !!
என்ன பாசம் காட்டினாள்
கடந்த ஆறு வருடங்களாக​!!
அடிக்கடி பேசினாள்,
அன்பை கொட்டினாள்,
அறிவுரை ௬றினாள்,
எல்லாம் அறிந்தேதான்,
அனைவரையும் அதிகமாய் நேசித்தாளோ?
அவளின் நினைவுகள்
அலைபாய்கின்றன​ என் மனதில்...
கடவுளுக்கு அத்தனை ஆசையா
அவள் மீது...
இத்துனை சீக்கிரம் அவளை ௬ட்டிக் கொண்டார்...

அவள், அத்தைக்கு ஒரே பெண்,
அவளுக்கோ இரு பெண் பிள்ளைகள்!!
ஓர் விவரமும் அறியாத​ 
ஒரு வயதுப் பிள்ளை...
ஊர் விவரம் அறியாத​ 
ஐந்து வயதுப் பிள்ளை...
கனி மனதுக்காரி போயே விட்டாள்...
குடும்பமே கசிந்து கொண்டிருக்கிறது...
அவளின் ஆன்மாவே வழி நடத்த வேண்டும் !!!
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Wedding Invitation !!

Our wedding invite thro website … (Am publishing the words & invitation here for my remembrance ;) )

 “A journey has begun, for two hearts to beat as one.

The joining of two souls and two families to unite”

We experienced love…

in our parents, families and friends.

They decided it so early ,

Yes , they coined our names together when our childhood days started ..

then we crossed years to find each other,

where a new love in us bloomed…

and we decided to share our tomorrows

and all that they hold…

Together with our parents, we




invite you with immense pleasure to join us as

we unite in marriage


Sunday the 6th of March 2011

between 7.30 A.M. to 8.30 A.M.

VNC Mahal (Near Residency Hotel)

Karur – 639 001

We look forward to celebrate with you…

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