Different People Different Perspectives…

27 Nov

I spent some time by thinking about the different characters whom all i crossed today….Its normal working day in college…Starting from my wake up call..Talked with my Uncle at 7 A.M…Being 60 year old he was in office saying will talk in evening priya…( Dedicated worker!!)Next called my brother(was hurrying to medical college…)..Next anna an anni…Everyone was hurrying with their works..Then i started to college..Classes went asusual…(I think college life is really gifted part of life in which there is no mental pressures..)Next results came…There Comes different perspectives ….People were waiting for results some with cool nature,some with tensed mood..Atlast result too came this time good percentage ..Went to temple to thank the one who is ruling this world and guiding me(GOD),some went to canteen,some went to see their usual works….then saw a girl who is not ready to do a single help for her fellow being..(Engu selgirathu intha desam!!!!)..Followed by that went to color lab..there Different people from different area..All hurrying..After finishing work returned back to Hostel…Here hostel mates due to result each people looks different that usual day..Some more happy some dead dull..Just Remembered the verse “Consider the result as gift if it is the one which you expected…else consider it as Lord’s Prasatham AND accept the result as it is Dont feel Happy & Dont worry too”…Some people are compassionate,some are sincere,some takes things easily but some consider the same thing as problem…I just learned that no two man has same perspective regarding same problem…Ya,

“Different People Different Perspectives”

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Posted by on November 27, 2007 in Mine


One response to “Different People Different Perspectives…

  1. KarthiKeyan

    November 30, 2007 at 9:20 PM

    Nice post, Water is better than a Stone. Keep doing good work.


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