History from Grandpa

06 Dec

Today was talking with grandpa..he was telling about our past history regarding freedom struggle , before and after freedom status of our INDIA..Actually I was asking him about “Viduthalai Puligal Issue” he just started telling the story..We are Lucky and Its really great to live in modern India..In past days there were no basic facilities what a normal person having now..Before England gave freedom for us,there was a great we asked for freedom in British too some Royal group asked for freedom and they won…So it made our Indian to ask for freedom strongly..Sir.Mr.E.V.R explained the british people that the problem is same here and to that Royal group so you have to give freedom for us..All our great leaders said the same..finally British people accepted to give freedom for us and asked Indian people to decide the leaders and ministers..That time started Hindu-Muslim problem and hindu’s from Pakistan are asked to go to India and muslim’s from India they themselves started moving to Pakistan..Leaders got disappointed..Mr.Muhhmad Ali Jinnah strongly asked for separate country as Pakistan ..even Our Father of Nation,Nehruji and other leaders asked Jinnah to be leader of whole India and not make separation as India & Pakistan he didn’t accept that….Finally We got freedom and Pakistan too…What I told here is inferred from my grandpa’s speech…



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Posted by on December 6, 2007 in society


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