In elective class..

13 Dec

Once in my elective class i was asked to give a talk of 5 minutes..Actually I don’t have any idea on which topic i am going to talk.But once i reached dias i started talking about friendship  ,Because of the bad experience i realized when i was walking with  my brother and some of my friends experience it made me to talk choose this topic.

ya, i talked about friendship and i pointed out the pain of mistooking friends as some other relation(this suits for friends who were opposite gender).As once in our preplacement training some trainer said that there is a lot difference between Boy friends and Friends in boys.I hope that is true.I have some good friends in both genders.Never i accept or tolerate if others comment this badly…(but brother and sister a parthu comment panra uzhagathula ithelam enga!!!!)

I dont know what i talked in my class was right or wrong:):)but hope atleast few people try not to comment true friends..

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Posted by on December 13, 2007 in Friends


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