Parthiban Kanavu

17 Dec

Next to sivakamiyin sabatham i read two more kalki books parthiban kanavu and kalvanin kadali..parthiban kanavu is closely related to sivakami..the characters sivakami and ayanar with their same old place take part in this story too..and the story tells the great desire of the king parthiban and due to the situation even though he aspired alot to acquire his desire he died and his only son vikraman with the kind help of the king narashimma(the lover of sivakami 🙂 ),ponnan(parthi’s padakoti) and other great people acquired the parthi’s desire of expanding his land and rule it by own without paying is to anyone.Here love of vikraman and kundavai(narashimma’s daughter)too helped vikram to achieve his father’s desire.finally they got married too..Actually Hero of PONNIYIN SELVAN ,RajaRajaChozhan was parthi’s parambarai..Parthi’s full desire was fulfilled by Ponniyin Selvan(Arulmozhi) only.

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Posted by on December 17, 2007 in Books


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