My Love,My Life

26 Jan

He is one whom i admired in childhood age.He is mine and for me alone in those days.He is My BLOOD.Who use to take care of me,hold my hands to tution,use to see me by coming to my class in school days.He is the only one whom i love more than i love myself.Because of him the word “ANNA” registered in my mind as pleasure,joy,symbol of love,pure affection.But i dont find much time to spend with him, since when i came to higher school he went to college(hostel),when i came to college he went to job..So long gap and i started longing for him.So whomever i use to call as anna from my heart i feel very happy, to utter that word and to have such a relationship..and whomever either it be friend i use to see my anna in them..which helped me to mingle with both gender in college life,since i am from girls school hesitate to talk to guys at first ..its all because of My blood now i am having good friends in both gender..Whatever he use to say i wish to obey that.I like his advice and love his scoldings:):).Everyone having affection with brother so as me too let he be healthy and wealthy by gods grace.

Few lines dedicated to him…

I really long for him,whose hands

readily wipe my tears.

Searching for his footsteps to follow,

Thinking about him even in sleep,

Longing all through the day just to be cared by him,

Living just for My Blood and,

Who made such a wonderful relationship(My parents)..

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Posted by on January 26, 2008 in Memories, poetry


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    May 19, 2014 at 12:04 PM



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