11 Apr

Got both the Passport and licence today!!oh god…Both places gave me great experience..Real world behind the reel faces!!Starting from small authority to higher authority…(shhhh…)let it be.. bitter experience which i faced made me to think ..Now a days 2 questions are booming in my mind often..Is there anything wrong in helping people?Is there any constraint to care for others??Help to a person how to fill form created problem in passport office !!Eventhough i didnt consider these things big it made me to think wider about the future…I use to say like I cant find difference between True friend and good brother…its my perspective ..But the sad thing is, in this lovely world Most of them even dont know the meaning of friend and brother:(..Their blind eyes just looking the environment with blind mind…One person who has my dad’s age misjudging one girl and boy just because they were talking(who were actually brother and sister)…Eventhough its hard to satisfy all people somewhere,something irks me.. I cant imagine how i am going to face the world with my own rules!!I believe that god will give strength to identify the Real faces behind the reel world!!

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Posted by on April 11, 2008 in Memories


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