With dry heart and wet eyes!!!

13 Apr

Its Hard time that we friends are going to be separated in very few days!!people are busy with semester preparations..some are much more busy with writing AG’s..Though writing AG gives pleasure in some way it gives more pain than pleasure!!it indirectly insist that we are going to be separated!!All my lovely places library,L-Halls,Z-Halls,Confernce hall,canteen,My lovely hostel,Back Bech with nach sugan pops nd mami,treats ,Iv’s,Raksha banthan (no one in my class forget),films ,farewell,chatting with friends….gonna miss all ..:(

Especially all my friends ,akka’s and anna’s..TCE introduced many great people to me,    taught me great qualities,          Given great opportunities,            Valuable experiences,        Cherishable moments,         Life time friends..seminars,compiring,organizing,celebrations in these four years..Gave me send off with Job in Hand..without giving much pain to get it!!I am really proud to be  part of TCE ,that too in Golden Jubilee batch..Our set students in our class,hostel are so kind in nature as like gold all are valuable people..Though meeting and departing is the part of life its hard to accept the truth…

Most hard thing is i came to know some of the caring people who is around me in final few months,weeks or days only!!I wish to mention all the co mates with whom i worked in these four years…since list is long just typing the activities alone..Project management,      Mini project,        conference,       paper presentation,        representative,        Quality circle,           Editors,          Final year project,        Quest commitee,         Cyber committee,        Plaizer team,        Tecuthsav team,    Blossom group,        Blood donation camp,          placement preparations,         Juniors,        NSS,        in hostel all the four Hostel Day teams,   Driving class group      ,all other people with whom i worked with     …Thanks to all:)

Finally i wish to say great thanks to all my class friends..once i came infront of the class and asked for arranging one day food to oldage home, without any hesitation all the good ones accepted and gave money in 2 days..we arranged on the day of our department tecuthsav day!!unforgettable day in college life…then days with friends families,group studies,temples are great …everyone is going to become busy personalities in few months…and all will be busy working towards their goals…Hope we all meet again oneday in our journey of life…let me stop here i am already with dry heart and wet eyes!!!

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