Great Arichandra Family!!

29 Sep


      In my childhood age heard about arichandra story that he lived for promise.Luckily got chance to read his history..sharing it here…He is the son of King Satya virathan also called Thiri sangu who is the descendant of Surya vamsam .Arichandran is the King of Ayothi.Once he promised Vishvamithrar that he will give him whatever he needs.For the fame without his knowledge he accepted to Vishvamithrar that he will give him all his wealth,even after that he also accepted to give some good amount of gold..Since he gave all his wealth already ,now nothing is there to give other than his own family.. So Vishvamithrar demanded him to tell a lie that,  whatever he said he will give will not be given!! since arichandra is a Man of principles he didnt accept and asked one month duration to give that gold. Chandramathi(wife) and Logithan(son) played major role for him to follow his principles.He tried to earn through many ways but by curse nothing helped him!!Atlast he sold his wife ,son and finally himself in order to earn the gold ..Including Lord Indran ,rishi’s,angel’s tried their best to make him to tell a lie..Though he faced many challenges he never did anything against truth and justice….finally logithan died that made Arichandran and Chandramathi to meet who were really made for each other!!Drama comes to the end here…Lord and rishi’s blessed Arichandra to get his wealth and family back.. also blessed him to reach heaven as a gift for his Honesty!!

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Posted by on September 29, 2008 in Books, story


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