Express Love!!

05 Nov

 Hello friends,

      For past few days i was thinking something which made me to feel and finally came out of it.Reason for this blog is just my Self Analysis…;);)Though i shared some points here, there are lot more analysis is happening in mind even now ..Let me tell some thing which i am trying and experiencing..It may look like advice..If you feel so I declare here itself  “Its Not An Advice Just A Suggestion”!!


Create your own way to catch the pleasure which is around you!!


          Actually what you are searching for days or years is In and Around you..Think..Never depend people..See we never know when we have to walk alone in the same world!!

So never Expect people to Guide you or Give you shoulder’s to lean.If you start to believe and to love yourself,Your Gaurdian angel will guide you wherever you go..

If you feel to experience different type of relaxation,

       Have a chat with older age people when ever you get chance.

Spend time and hear the words of the kids(though you can’t understand anything try it..)..


 Identify your Interest!!


       Do self Analysis..and try to figure out the things n events which you really cherish.Some like writing/scribbling,Some may be interested in narrating/listening..just find which is your interest and spend some time with that each day!!


Express Love!!

   This reminds me  the lines,

                        “No one in the world without Love,

               There may be people without proposing their Love”.


That’s really True!!

Did you ever proposed your love to your mom??



Life partner??

Servent maid who prepares a great food for you??

Your pet dog??

Did you ever thanked the road cleaners?

Asked a begger the reason for his stage???

Tell the people whom you love ,that you really love them..

It really makes Difference..

So express Love and appreciate people ..then your Comfort Zone Automatically gets expanded….


Think/Talk Often with yourself..


        There is a saying that whatever you are thinking now, will come to an action one day or the other day!!So think positive..Think whatever you wish to attain…Talk things related to that often. Then with good things behind you,God’s caring arms around you(if u are a pessimist take Time/Nature)its definite that  you will reach your destiny!!


Never Expect!!


       Overtime I recognized that reason for tears visiting the world is due to Expectation!!Just try to find reason for tears and think whether the problem gets solved because of tears!!If your answer is “Yes”..then go ahead and shed tears..But Obvious answer is “NO”.To overcome it try to make yourself Comfortable By reducing your Expectations!!


I am hearing your lips saying…


Its easy to say Never Expect Which is really hard to implement..Accepted!!


         Yes,Ofcourse Every one of us will be having our own inner circle with whom we have more expectations which leads to cute dishyooms!!

But how many of us use to Analyse the reason behind such problems before or after such events..Reason may be one of the following,,

             1.Fear of Losing the one’s


So its due to fear..Just think if 1 is the case and  if you are having great affection towards one and giving importance to the same just tell them!! They will Understand You and You will never miss them . So automatically 2 gets solved.



   The universal language which connects people..Share it with whomever you meet/cross in your day!!Not only with known people ..also with Stangers !!Try it..It makes Difference!!(ekuthapa yarayavathu parthu smile panni matika theenga pa 😉 )


Note:If you really wish to try any of the above..Try and share your experiences here..










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2 responses to “Express Love!!

  1. Gayathri

    July 26, 2009 at 10:52 AM

    Hi priya…

    Its really fantastic…i don’t have any words to say…

    Continue blogging…Keep smiling.:)

  2. Dinesh

    August 5, 2009 at 7:34 AM

    hmmm… priya…. I can perfectly get into the mindset you would have been in… while u were writing this. Good. But these are emotional bursts.. and one should not get into these kinds of things. But really, every teenager would have gone through all these… 🙂 So did you. So did I. So will the one.


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