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03 May

After long back,with lot of changes, now.. am back to blogging!!Life has  changed in many aspects in these days!!Right from regular habits to entertinement, everything seems to be changed..Sad thing to mention is i missed the regular contact with my friends,relations especially with my lovely brother, due to the work timings..Since i was in learning stage(still i am 🙂 )But i hope it wont affect my togetherness with them..

Meeting many new faces both good and bad…At times am afraid to travel in MTC at late nights ..Hope life will teach me to handle persons and show me how to react in hard times..Really longing for good companion so that i will be able to overcome the lonliness which resides in my inner heart now-a-days..But i dont like to spill out my blah-blah’s to anyone started keeping distance with all 😦

It will be really nice if we cant grow up after school/college days…Am not speaking out of frustration but out of missing something…But this early staring,late night returning,lonely weekend shift all teaches me something which is needed for rest of the life…

It would be fine if some guardian angel lives with me so that i can share anything and everything with her..Say she may be a habit or my inner soul..let her come am ready to wait…

Sometimes i will be thinking like I Am The Happiest Girl In This World..Sometimes i will think just opposite to what i said..My mom use to say this is conversion period from girl to women ,you have to face things with confident to live in this problematic world!!Ya she is r8…(always she is..)

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Posted by on May 3, 2009 in Memories, Mine


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