Feel proud to have such great souls!!

26 Jul

Hello folks,
The Indian Armed Forces is the primary military organization responsible for the defence of India.Everyone of us should feel the feel of our jawans,It will really helps to guide the young minds in a perfect path.Someday back i was watching the program in which Rani Mukerjee the actress was talking with Indian jawans.First part is discussion with jawans about their experiences and how they miss their family and the Second part is with their family in which they shared how they miss their son/husband and what they feel about his part in military.Words from their family was really inspirable and made the feel that “proud to have such jawans and such mothers/fathers/wifes“.Especially jawans son/daughter who were aged from 2 months to 12 years ,they were telling that they miss their dad so much:( Even some kids cried..which touches the heart of the people who were hearing..Rani Mukerjee had spent her time in useful way ,she made them feel good by dancing with their families and distributed some books to them as a token of remembrance..Like always past memories gives happiness when i was thinking about this just thought to blog it..Lets salute our jawans and feel proud to have such great souls!!

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Posted by on July 26, 2009 in General, Memories



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