Me & an Year!!

30 Oct

To be frank am really gifted to get a job in this great company!!In this one year initial 3 to 4 months…being an unallocated one we friends use to learn something and enjoy many many things!!Then slowly everyone got project other friends joined in their companies…and we college friends got separated here and there…Its always God’s Grace,Whereever i stay someone special will be with me always..Right from my LKG to till date.

In school days it was my blood brother,in college days cousin brother and when i came to company it was my cousin.But now he is in different office and am in different one,still the company is same.Coming to project as like everyone/everyjob has here also both pros & cons…

But i always believe in god who never left me to feel the loneliness. Initially i was really afraid returning late in night but God made way for that also he gave me the feel of boldness..There are times when i use to say i will be really happy if my life partner say,”No need to go for a job,i ll take care of u dear” (still sometimes i use to tell the same..).But day by day slowly am starting to love my job, something triggers me to learn many many things,but my thirsty is much higher than what am implementing.Am still searching where i need to improve myself.Here i really feel happy to say Great Thanks to my PL.She is one of my role model i can say.She is perfect in her own way.I don’t know about her personally,She is new to me.Its only 2 months she came,but she made the difference.I wish to become one such lady..hope again god will decide which is best for me and he will give the same to me.

I do have good scope and opportunity to get to know and experience both personal life  and professional life!!Thanks to the almighty who is doing all his Magic!!

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  1. sri

    February 6, 2015 at 9:45 AM

    pls send the lyrics forpoove poochoodava (m) song lyrics of in Tamil .


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