Unnai Pol Oruvan – The Best!!

27 Dec
Hi Friends,

After long back saw one movie with family which was release some months before…reasonable film which makes each individual to enjoy as well as to think..Different Tamil Movie..(though remake one this seems to be best of the best’s)..Firstly, everyone in the screens have excelled with top performance…Great Co-Ordination between three policemen’s,Authourized administration side people refusing to take responsibility…Nicely pictured dialogues between Mohan-lal(comissioner) and Laxmi(cheif secretary)..Which is happening in real life.. Dialogues are so touching as they keep winning applauses scene by scene..invisible man..KAMAL..Our sakala kala vallavan..Always best..But in this film Unlike his previous films, where he will be in prominent role overshadowing others,he has given way to Mohan-lal , lal has got more importance than Kamal throughout the story.. depth of 26/11 attack in Mumbai…in Prathi Bimbangal show..hats off to that.. Finally ,Small story of a Common Man(pregnant lady story) in climax which makes everyone to feel the sense of anger and insecurity of present normal man’s life..thats really excel..My favourite charachter in this film is ‘Sethu’ (Bharath Reddy),Police and his love towards his wife…He has nicely balanced both work and personal life..Everyone has given their best in this film..Hats of to Unnai Pol Oruvan Team!!

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Posted by on December 27, 2009 in General


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