Sweet & Special 2009!!

31 Dec

Dear All,

Thanks to Sweet & Special 2009!!

It’s all about thanking the year 2009 which has showered its blessing on me. It was in 2009 I was all alone in India for starting few months, My parents went to take care of their grand son..Oh it was really great that they had spent some time together with my anna, anni and son-in-law. I missed my family very badly those days…Then in February get to know about my better half who will be taking care of me in the second part of my life.It was decided by family and informed to us. We know each other right from childhood and he is my Mothers little brother.

Got project and settled with work by March which is the first step to my career. Days passed had some fun and also problems in between…March, April & May all the struggles to get settled in a better place in Chennai facing the rain/flood problems in the new city!! Other than that I didn’t remember what happened much those days!

In April it was my Anni, Dinesh Anna and Manivel Mama Birthday just made a call wished and prayed for them!!

June had a chance to meet all my beloved friends in Graduation Day Meet! It was so wonderful moment one full day with my friends…All in graduation day coat!! Unforgettable and most important occasion in all our life!!

June 27, Family Day Celebration in Siruseri!! Such a wonderful climate, Morning I worked in my shift, evening joined in celebration, It was so cute day with drizzling and dancing!!

July 2! My Birthday with my new friends in my company and with that some one Special! Obvious most special birthday this year. But not even able to attend the calls from my friends, since it was the peak time I started working independently in project!! Scolding & Cries, Sorry and Thanks to all my friends who tried calling repeatedly to wish me even though I didn’t pick. And I was so happy since visited ‘Jeroham Orphan Home’ and sponsored food items for the kids on my birthday!!

July 22nd, it was the day when I met my son-in-law Pranav the very first time. I was so impressed with his smile. I am so happy that I was the first person to hold him softly on my hands once he reached India.. He made me to feel so special, I felt the importance of my brother in him.. I saw my bother in him… I just can’t explain how I felt when I carried him in my hands. Attended one marriage with colleagues ‘Ganesh’,’Sasi’ marriage!!

August! August 27!!The day made my one year completion in TCS!!28th my brother’s birthday, our family except my Anna (he is in US) went to Palani temple & Kuzhanthai Velappar temple, to temple with pranav was so nice trip!!

September! I got confirmation in my company! My close friend, ‘Nachu’ got married with ‘Venkat’ ,We friends went and stayed with her the day before, Karaikudi type marriage was nice to attend with set of people, It made me to feel how fast days are passing, Unfortunately not able to attend another friend ‘Saranya’s’ marriage, Since both came in continuous weeks. September 12, went to vadapalani temple with friends, and a day outing with them, had good fun!!

September 21, it was pranav’s natchatra Birthday celebration, I came to know the importance of Athai to her Son-In-Law, Thanks Pranav, for giving the opportunity to feel happy whenever I am being with you! September 30, my Sister & my Cousin’s Birthday with Colleagues, One more special day since I wished him for the first time. In this month I Myself, Gayathri & Gouthami had given birthday treat to our team.

Oct 1st, Pranav First Birthday celebration in Royal Court!! He looked very cute! Awesome day in the year 2009!!Oct 13th, team farewell party to the person who started to onsite!! Get introduced with many new faces!!

November! Next Marriage Celebration, ‘Devi’ weds ‘Vinodh’, Again we friends made a trip together and had all fun! This time chuddy improved to sari J

December 25, Anna family started back to US.. Missed to attend Banu marriage! In Nielsen Theater, First disco / skit / fun activity I attended after coming to siruseri.Had great time with my team.

Temple trip: Near by Vinayagar temple, Aaru Padai Murugan temple, Namakkal Anjanear temple and Marutheeswarar temple. Visits to these temples, Beach Visit, I can’t count how many times I went to beach this year, also hotel food almost the whole year. All these days are most memorable in this particular year!!

And I wish to thank My Friends, Collegues, and Relatives, all known and unknown people for your help to make this year so special in My Life!!


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