Dream Day in Island!!

03 Feb

It’s my long time desire to write stories. Habit of writing poems made me to think, why shouldn’t I try for a story!! Being narrating the first story I have put single actor in the entire story! Published the same here for your comments!!

Shanmathi is a cute little girl who uses to have fun in her dream world at night daily!! Let’s hear one of her dream story today!!

I had a very interesting experience today!!

I had a dream like I was left all alone in a beautiful Island!! But there I found all the objects which I need and I like to have!! I spent one full day there …Wow “What a beautiful sight”! That carries away my soul and grants peace… Let me try to describe my lovely day in that snowy Island…

It was a fine day started with warm rays of sun!! Slowly I opened my eyes thinking, my mom will bring cup of milk in hand…then I realized where I am now. Yes… It is a tiny ISLAND with fully bluish in color!!

Blue Island

I roamed for sometime and came to know that no one is there except objects…After bath had corn flakes and started walking towards the nearby garden. In that island all the houses looked like a hut, they all had something in common. All houses were built without using bricks, each house had its own garden, unique color, some animals and each house had some type of objects inside…

It increased my curiosity to do some research in all the houses….it helped me to  easily find out the Huts which are having things needed and liked by me. I elected few huts ,picked things which i need so that I can spend my time by managing those things..

Huts selected by me contained painting items, cooking vessels & vegetables, electronic goods (to hear some songs :) ),dress/ornaments, books etc..

Now I came to one end of the island,its full of water till the core from where I was standing! Such a wonderful site & environment!! Two eye’s are not enough to admire the beauty!! It’s now, I am realizing the loneliness and searched in all the huts whether I can get some clue to communicate with someone in the external world!! But finally nothing I found…sadly I returned to the hut where I had breakfast!!

Objects House

All through the way I observed the plants ! Magic …Plants replied to my questions. That made me energetic again. Then I shouted with my full voice…Plant gave me some words that someone will come on the next day to take me with him,With that hope, i enjoyed each moment…since i really liked the cool environment…Planned to prepare lunch…  by hearing some songs!!

It’s done…I took a paper & paint brush started painting. But by then my interest turned to write a poem! I have written only 3 lines…I do remember those lines too…

அழகே உருவான இந்த அயல்நாட்டில்

அவன்   இன்றி, அணுவும் இன்றி

தனியே நான் என் செய்வேன்!!!

After lunch I came out of the hut,to roam around again…Trees were shaking their heads , to say a welcome note to me..  I found a small road which took me to the dead end from where I can travel some strange place in water…

Dream House

But sad thing I’m not practised to ride boat & none was there to help me out!! I remembered some part of Ponniyin Selven story which i read once,  decided to ride the boat having great fear inside whether I will return or not !!

Reached the other island…here everything looked to be red in color. But no improvement!yes, again I found none here…traveled back to our Blue Island!!

Red Island

Now clock showed sharply 6pm.Had some tea ,walked out having some good camera in hand! Its cool climate and sun saying bye slowly by leaving way for moon to say hi!!

I took as many photos as I can take in the entire island…however it was a very tiny island, also some of my photos too… (Don’t ask who took mine. its automatic ha-ha…)

I felt sleepy and hungry…had some snacks and cup of milk from one hut & lied in bed! After that I woke up in real life, smiled, thinking about my dream day in Island!!Anyways Mom calling me with a cup of milk…Will meet you back with another dream!!


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2 responses to “Dream Day in Island!!

  1. Subramani

    February 7, 2010 at 6:59 PM


    – “Happiness only real, when shared.”

  2. Shanmugapriya

    February 8, 2010 at 3:32 PM

    Always 🙂


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