Attitude which made me fool-Shanmathi!!

29 Mar

Sorry friends ,Today shanmathi with her own crying story ..not happy story 🙂

Hi all..Shanmathi was made fool just because she trusted someone!!She just wanted to share with us!!

Am scribbling my deep pains here for the first time..As am helpless and not in a position to control my tears no more…Its All about an Attitude which made me fool!!May be pouring words here will make me feel better as i have none to feel my pain,mean really i don’t want to blame the person to scribbling here commonly!!So that no one knows who did this also i will feel better!!

I believed/trusted one of my friend,yes really i trusted ,though there were some misunderstandings then and there..i never hated her!!Even i use to pray for her whenever she feels bad, and whenever i get chance of  making her feel better i did!!It was a recent incident , she gave a word and i trusted those words and left something for her which i really wished to get..and now its time for her to keep her words but she failed…her behavior and words for the same hurted me…really i was helpless..other friends whomever near was also didnt cared much about it!!I m still getting continuous tears ..not because i lost what i needed,but because i trusted the words and i was made fool!!But god has stored something good for me..i will get that for sure  🙂 🙂 🙂

But i learnt onething no one wants to take risk!!So shanmathi’s advice for you…,

“World is very selfish,Never trust everyone,Think Twice & Act Wise”

Thanks friends for hearing my blah blah’s meet you with nice story next time.

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