Work Family Life(Self) Balance!!

03 May

On 27th April,2010 I have attended one day Work Life Balance Session conducted by Jagdish Iyer from Sytec Associates (India) Pvt. Ltd. He is 30+ years work experience guy and his session was useful and made some difference. Just thought of sharing some of his useful information with you all.

“Professionalizing the Personal Life &

Personalizing the Professional Life”

This is what he tried to insist through 6 hours session. He, made me to think twice the reason behind getting tense/sensitive/emotional worries!!

Reply me for the Question!! Who Are You??

Don’t tell your name – That name is given by your parents for the soul & body.

Don’t even tell your Designation or Relationship kind of answers like , Son of , Father of.. Those are not you,but your roles!! Then , Whom you are?? THINK! Lets see answer for this question later..

Next some usual and essential terms to balance Work , Life and self.

Before that, Just have a quick think, Will the life be thrilled if Work & Life gets  Balanced !! The small See-Saw game simply explains the existence of the thrill and motivation of being IMBALANCED!! If both the sides have balanced weight there is no see-saw game!!

Always Imbalance is the trigger which makes one to perform. Worse to Better and Better to Best!!

Then what is so called “Work – Life Balance” .Rather than balancing ,We can manage it!! Managing the time/energy to live a better stress/tension free satisfied life.

Lets see some useful and essential terms to balance or manage timing.

Tell me the meaning of the term SUCCESS!!

In the session some defined Success as Happiness, Some satisfaction & some others said if I get what I expected/wanted/desired, that is success for me! If your reply is something similar.. Let’s discuss bit deeply!!

Now take a paper and categorize your life into set of people. Let’s generally take 3 categories.

Work, Family and Self….Now write answer for the same question ” SUCCESS” into these 3 different categories. Now prioritize it…

For example if you give first priority to Family… Taking care of your kid/kids education is more important than getting promotion in office or spending time for your self improvement (may be higher studies/hobbies) then attaining good rank for kid is Success for you so give first priority to that.

Or if you consider Career development is the most prioritized one for now, then you should arrange some alternatives for kid health/studies like allowing kid to be brought up by Grandma.

This is just an example. Like this write all your desires in all three categories. Then prioritize each desires, If one wants to attain the most prioritized desire…He/she should be in a position to accept and manage the consequences of least prioritized desires. This is how one should manage life and work by managing time.

Before prioritizing one should be aware of below things.

1. Most Importantly Guys should learn The Importance of the roles; Son/Husband/Father and Girls should be very clear in their role as Daughter/Wife/Mother. By knowing these relationships importance very clearly one can manage family without problems.

2. To reach the great desires one should define his/her own SMART Goals.

Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. May be it is life goals, Work goals or Self goals. It should be smart.

One should be in a position to rank/ Prioritize the goals which has high priority in his/her life.

Find the very important thing/strong desire that you just can’t let go. It’s that important to you to prioritize your desires. One should find his/her Passion and follow it to reach greater heights. It doesn’t matter what the passion is, it is the way you take and not others.

One should have the Perseverance to follow and attain the prioritized desire!!

Once prioritized your category and decided to follow it one should have the quality of spirit to face danger or pain without showing fear!! You need
Courage to handle hard situation either it is family or work

There must be always some Backup person should be there to support you in case of your unavailability, though it is not possible in 100% situations it will be possible for some extent. It helps you to be less tensed!! So be ready to invest time in developing other people.

What is “perfect” for YOU? It doesn’t matter what is perfect for someone else. Just decide which is “perfect” from your point of view. In perfection, there is an inherent level of satisfaction – no further adjustments are needed. Its all in your hands to do things perfect. It will surely help you to get things done to reach the goals!!

One should have the feeling of satisfaction/ Fulfillment, having achieved the most expected desires; eventhough there seems to be some discrepancies in achieving the least prioritized desires. Like believing that Grandma will take care of child for some short span since one need to complete his/her higher studies.

Now answer Whom you are ? Yes , you are not just Bundle of Chemicals !! You are bundle of strengths!!If you are able to identify your strengths and attain the goals with that strengths That Is YOU!!

To find the strengths one should have long term vision and Focus on the same.Focused Mind & Body should be in sync for the Action to be performed!

“Aim to get what you like,

If you don’t get what you like then,

Like what you get until you get what you like “


  1. Figure out the strengths
  2. Prioritize the desires
  3. Drop doing unnecessary activities.
  4. Protect your private time.
  5. Accept help to balance your time to lead a peaceful life.
  6. Plan for fun/hobbies and get relaxed!!

So always personalize your professional life!! Have good wrap with co-workers,people whomever helps you to run your daily life!!Say thanks to security/servant!!Make them to feel they are doing good!!  You will feel positive energy around you!!


professionalize your personal life !! Have a SMART mile stones/goals to achieve each needs and commitment!!

Its all about managing your energy & strength but not time & life! Life is a like an ice cream !! Taste it before it gets melted!!

Have a peaceful minute always!!


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5 responses to “Work Family Life(Self) Balance!!

  1. Shaku

    May 27, 2010 at 9:43 AM

    Great Article Shanmu … good to read this ..

  2. Sindhuja

    June 10, 2010 at 11:07 AM

    nice article ..worth reading!

  3. Arumugham

    June 20, 2010 at 11:48 PM

    Nice one Priya… Good work documenting it!

  4. Priya

    October 18, 2010 at 5:43 AM

    Thanks to myself !! Today this note helped me to get self energy !!


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