What’s Gift in your term??

08 Sep

In modern day, for each and every occasion people started sponsoring gifts. I was just wondering what actually gift communicates between two!!

Random reasons which may be the reason behind giving gifts!!

A gift tells the recipient a lot more than the gift itself. Sometimes, A One Rupee coin or A single rose means more than the most expensive gift in the world. The right gift at right time can indeed communicates a million words.

Gifting a smile or a kiss to a kid when it does some cute action is the best gift ever. Still, coming to physical existence of gift what would be the best one? Well, while selecting a gift we would consider most factors and I have listed some from my point of view.

Factors related to gift giving,

1. Occasion,

 2. Bond between the sender and receiver,

3.  Sender,

4.The Gift itself,

5.The thought,

 6. Receiving Person.



      Mostly commonly we will be giving gifts for some good happenings or achievements done by our beloved ones. May be for n’th Anniversary,Birthday,Graduation,Wedding,Promotion,New baby,House Warming etc..Based on occasion gift varies.So occasion plays a role in selecting gift.

 Bond between the sender and receiver:

    This plays powerful role  than the gift itself. If the bond btw two of them is good then cost and the gift doesn’t matter. Its time and effort with love which expresses much more than the gift. Especially most loved ones like one’s Lover,Son / Daughter,Friend,Brother / Sister, Spouse, Dad/Mom will always see your love in a form of gift than the physical gift.


 We always love to get a gift from someone we love, regardless what the gift itself is. Certainly a well thought of gift makes a difference, but the impact of a gift is certainly viewed in light of who sent it.

The gift itself:

No two watches shows the same time. No two person have same taste and likes. Each will have different tastes and likes. A gift that is suitable for spouse is often different from gift for a child. How well the sender know the recipient and how much thought he/she puts into finding the right gift, can greatly affect how much they will enjoy it. Its always suggested to spend some time in creating something by own and gifting to people.

 The thought:

 It is often the amount of thought that is put into a gift that is most appreciated. Time and effort to make/select the gift is quite important than cost. Many people do not like to get the average item sold at stores/shops as an exciting gift. It is particularly disappointing when such a “gift” is everywhere, worn by many people in your neighborhood.

Receiving Person:

 It would be well selected gift if one select/make gift keeping the receiver in mind or knowing the taste and likes of receiver in mind. For example newly married women will more likely wish to get a unique gift from her husband i may be a food prepared by him ,or a close friend likes to receive a painting kind of hand work. Similarly child would always go for varity of toys as a gifts. . It is quite disappointing when the gift sent is clearly not needed by the recipient, and is not unique in any way.

Anyways its always hard to read other’s mind what they more likely to receive.All we can do is just trying to show love in form of gift!!

So Friends,What’s Gift in your term?? let us see others perspeective too !!


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2 responses to “What’s Gift in your term??

  1. arun

    September 10, 2010 at 6:38 AM

    love u dear

  2. Shanmugapriya

    September 12, 2010 at 5:19 AM

    This is the most wonderful gift ever anna 🙂


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