Do you Know?

04 Oct

Hi All,

Could anyone give me the answer for the below question…

Which one of the following is a fundamental difference between while loops & numeric for loops in oracle ?

1.while loops cannot be based on numeric conditions;numeric for loops are always based on numeric conditions;
2.The number of iterations a while loop makes  is unknown or not specified;numeric for loops are designed to loop a specific no of times.
3.while loops depend on the state of the variable and terminate when the state changes;numeric for loops do not.
4.when numbers are used in while loop,they are actually character data;numeric for loops use binary_integer values.
5.while loops terminate  explicitly;the termination of numeric for loops is stated implicitly.


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2 responses to “Do you Know?

  1. Saravanan

    October 6, 2010 at 2:30 PM

    etho puriyatha language padikira mathiri iruku.. 🙂
    It seems that I lost touch over it.. 😦


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