Navarathri Special!!

17 Oct

Dear All,

Do you know what Navarathri means ??                                                                                                                  Just few lines about Nava – Rathri !!

Navaratri means nine nights in Sanskrit,During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti/Durga Devi are worshiped.In houses & temples we can see Golu !! Golu is adorned with dolls – mostly with gods and goddesses depicting mythology.It was always my desire to go to temple all nine days but somehow i was missing that till last year.. Durga Blessed me this year ..Yes , Starting from Mahalaya Amavasai,including Navarathri , till Vijaya dasami i had seen all alankars this time..and now am used to go to temple daily which really gives me positive power also helps me to feel so peaceful.I love silence & listening others now-a-days!!It always gives great pleasure to stay in temple in  silennt environment and to listen kids & adults !! This daily visit motivated me to read something about Navarathri & 9 forms of Durga !! I have just shared a link here for people who are also interested in knowing the 9 forms !!


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