21 Jul

Most painful sacrifice, the first day I rejoined my job , I left my new born who is just 3 months old , she was not even aware enough to have her milk in bottle.From the day till date I am having same heavy heart…

I know many working Mom’s have this feel, and they can understand my pain!

Wheneven i think that it makes me feel guilty and sensitive, you cant expect anyone to take care of your little one like you.You will loose your freedom for choice to decide how to bring her up!!! I wish i could stay with her …. However its for her i am running for work and home in my life… Hope she will understand me someday, she will be my good friend.

For current busy life I cant blame anyone for asking me go for job, and for my studies and for family I am trying to do my justice.After marriage many things changed , including the level of happiness.Many factors are playing vital role in making decisions,anyone can easily blame you or make you feel embaressed in front of group of people!!!

When it comes to understanding our self heart is the only one who understands us well!

I am not the first mom in the world as they say! But she is my first Baby , I have some extra care over her, hmmmm!!!! But not lucky enough to shower on her all the time … I need and wish to stay with her all the time!!! Hoping on God , everyday in my life goes like that…

I miss my friends with whom I share my love, care and sorrows!!! Not able to say a ‘Hi’ though, Running in life race , cant see who is running behind me or infront of me … But expecting someone to hold my hand and run with me 🙂 I know and i believe Lord is there , and he is the only one with whom i am having constant communicationa and connection!


Posted by on July 21, 2013 in Mine


2 responses to “Sacrifice!

  1. m.jayachandran. chennai

    October 20, 2013 at 8:20 PM

    don”‘t worry. god always with u. in future u will get comfortable life.

  2. Raja

    June 5, 2014 at 5:41 AM

    Just happened to see this blog….True lines…nice post 🙂


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