The creative genius…

Could you guess who is our nation’s creative genius?If your guess is,The Father of our Nation then you are right.tuesday i visited Gandhiji’s museum(Place worth visiting) located in Anna nagar with my friend Really enjoyed reading the great man’s history,seeing the things he used ,Books wrote by him and read by him

He taught us how to Fight evil without hating the evil doer which is the way he too followed.This behavior of JI made British who has ruled us so long bowed our country with grace

Our Freedom was described as “It was the end of the long dark night and the begnning of a bright new era”

At the time of Satyagraha he used the words “On bended knees i asked for bread and received a stone instead”.Since we are not allowed to do salt production in our country he said “Either i shall return with what i want or else my body will float on the ocean” what a great man he is!!

Gandhiji when telling about his childhood(at the age of 7 years),he said “I used to be very shy and avoided all company”.

Always great people use to learn from others so as our JI too,JI was deeply impressed by 3 people.First ,Raychandbhai by his Living Contact,Second tolstoy by his book “The kingdom of god is within you” and the third ,ruskin by his “Unto this Last”.

JI’s word about Inspiration,“I can draw my inspiration only from my natural settings which is situated in and around me “ and he said,“My Life has been an OPEN BOOK I have no secrets and i encourage no secrets”

Religion and Politics:

I can say Without the slightest hesitation and it in all humility that those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means!!

I am Student:
JI said “I am a learner myself I have no axe to grind and wherever i see a truth i take it up and try to act upto it”.

Be an example!!
JI said our country should be an example to other countries in his saying..
“Let it be the privilege of India to turn a new leaf and set a
lesson to the world”

By Education i mean an all-round drawing out of the best in child
and man-body, mind and spirit.

His view about death..
“Death is a true Friend,it is only our ignorance that causes up grief”


History from Grandpa

Today was talking with grandpa..he was telling about our past history regarding freedom struggle , before and after freedom status of our INDIA..Actually I was asking him about “Viduthalai Puligal Issue” he just started telling the story..We are Lucky and Its really great to live in modern India..In past days there were no basic facilities what a normal person having now..Before England gave freedom for us,there was a great we asked for freedom in British too some Royal group asked for freedom and they won…So it made our Indian to ask for freedom strongly..Sir.Mr.E.V.R explained the british people that the problem is same here and to that Royal group so you have to give freedom for us..All our great leaders said the same..finally British people accepted to give freedom for us and asked Indian people to decide the leaders and ministers..That time started Hindu-Muslim problem and hindu’s from Pakistan are asked to go to India and muslim’s from India they themselves started moving to Pakistan..Leaders got disappointed..Mr.Muhhmad Ali Jinnah strongly asked for separate country as Pakistan ..even Our Father of Nation,Nehruji and other leaders asked Jinnah to be leader of whole India and not make separation as India & Pakistan he didn’t accept that….Finally We got freedom and Pakistan too…What I told here is inferred from my grandpa’s speech…



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Art of writing..

Being in vacation holidays i used to read  many newspapers  …found the writers art of writing the same news in a very different manner..if the matter is related to current govt and the person who is saying comments related to same party it was described in good manner in one paper and entirely different in other paper …and the same holds for other non govt issues also…what an art!!!the thing is the public who is following a single newspaper not able to get the news correctly…same holds in TV news tooo…simply saying its hard to find the truth since it was hidden among many false matters..Who will take care of public..Ofcourse no one has time to take care of these issues…:(:(

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Playing with KID is really cooooll…

Staying in uncle’s home and here always playing with my brother’s son who is one year child..Its really amazing his activities ….smiling ,sleeping ,an so..ya its really cool…The thing i observed is ” Parents are great”…its hard to leave him alone for a while..child always wandering…we too following him:):)..especially my anna and anni taking care of him in a kind way as a perfect perfect parents:)


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Trip to friends home..

3 days fully enjoyed in one of my friends house in chennai..We 6 came and went to many places..Beach ,city centre,kabali temple an so..Wonderful trip..By gods grace and my friends grace came back from sea..ya ..uyir polachen:):)then..Aunt and uncle welcomed as very wonderfully..Simply enjoyed to the core..

Visited 3 more friends home each one day.. talked and spent much time with parents:)


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Story Behind CC & BCC

All we people see these fields while sending mail Right?It made me to think what is the difference between CC and BCC?..Ya…”Cc” is short for “carbon copy”.It is possible to send the same letter to two different people without having to write or type it twice using cc.In this every recipient gets to know the email addresses of all the persons that received the message. This is usually not desirable. Nobody likes their email address exposed to the public.Next,BCC-Blind Carbon Copy.In this neither field itself nor the email addresses in it appear in any of the copies.The only recipient address visible to all recipients is the one in the “To:” field. So, to keep maximum anonymity we can put our own address in the “To:” field and use “Bcc:” exclusively to address the message:):)

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Service should not come by forcing..

          Read the news about medical college strike regarding increasing the number of years from 5+ to 6+,which includes one year service in rural/urban areas..Service should come from individual and it should done with interesting mind…It should not be forced..Here in this issue future doctors are striking because many of them got this seat after many struggle(FEES….)increasing one other year may cause cost problem too..So rather than making 6+ years compulsory..Government may try to reduce fees amount and provide them better environment so that people they themselves will become ready for doing service…

But,Is there any time for the concern people to think about these…(Big Question!!)

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