Its Me..

Hi Frenz..

Its me Shanmugapriya …. I have a gods gifted family..and my only brother is software engineer …I am attached with family….I love my anna’s an friends…Usually care for all an expect the same:)

My Fruiful Experience

Once i went to a three days Personality Development Camp which really helped me to improve my personality..I am happy to say that i got Miss.Blossom(Blossom camp name) award in that camp. Three days ..each fraction of second enjoyed well…Very different environment,Different people,Experienced coachers..Really superb..

Placement in TCS 

One other three days experience…First company i appeared for placement..How to say..Very easy AT continued  by interview..Little Bit tough panel.But it started by asking a poetry which made me to answer with cool nature…then it went for sometime by usual way…I was confidant since performed well..By gods grace got placed too..


One response to “Its Me..

  1. eetamil

    June 7, 2013 at 9:21 AM

    How this happened? I am attended Zenith 07 and left my college:) hope you got who am I: nice to meet u 🙂


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