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Just Finished reading the great “Ramayanam”..Its my long time wish to read Both Ramayanam and Mahabaratham.Just had a chance to read the first one.Perspective of different people goes different regarding Ramayanam,anyway i liked it.Though there are many good characters took part in the whole epic Barathan, Lakshman, Hanuman ,sukreevan ,Vibheeshanan along with Raman and seethai inspired me alot.Each having their own best qualities..It would be nice to have brothers like Barathan and Lakshman and Friends like Hanuman and Sukreevan Who stayed and helped Raman in a best way..The story teaches the reader great qualities …One cant list all those qualities here;)Better try reading it;)

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Great Arichandra Family!!


      In my childhood age heard about arichandra story that he lived for promise.Luckily got chance to read his history..sharing it here…He is the son of King Satya virathan also called Thiri sangu who is the descendant of Surya vamsam .Arichandran is the King of Ayothi.Once he promised Vishvamithrar that he will give him whatever he needs.For the fame without his knowledge he accepted to Vishvamithrar that he will give him all his wealth,even after that he also accepted to give some good amount of gold..Since he gave all his wealth already ,now nothing is there to give other than his own family.. So Vishvamithrar demanded him to tell a lie that,  whatever he said he will give will not be given!! since arichandra is a Man of principles he didnt accept and asked one month duration to give that gold. Chandramathi(wife) and Logithan(son) played major role for him to follow his principles.He tried to earn through many ways but by curse nothing helped him!!Atlast he sold his wife ,son and finally himself in order to earn the gold ..Including Lord Indran ,rishi’s,angel’s tried their best to make him to tell a lie..Though he faced many challenges he never did anything against truth and justice….finally logithan died that made Arichandran and Chandramathi to meet who were really made for each other!!Drama comes to the end here…Lord and rishi’s blessed Arichandra to get his wealth and family back.. also blessed him to reach heaven as a gift for his Honesty!!

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The Alchemist!!


  Book by Paulo Coelho..Which is a mixture of emotional feelings .Story about a sheperd’s Dream..He followed the words of his heart and finally found the treasure,to put in a better way “He lived for the treasure rather than seeking for it”.Author  followed his own style to make the book interesting one..He also included the Koran sayings..Characters Old king,Camel driver,alchemist,crystal shop owner all played good role.His idea of including Omens rather than god is appreciable!!

Words by camel driver, “To die tomorrow was no worse than dying on another day”

“Maktub” by crystal shop owner,which means “Everything has been written by the same hand” and “Don’t think about what you have left behind ” by alchemist was touchable!!


Coming to santiago’s(sheperd) love with Fatima in desert..Author used good poetric “One is loved because one is loved , No reason is needed for loving”..His valuable message to his readers according to me is,

                  “Learn through journey”

                  “When you really want something deep from your heart,all the universe conspires in will help    you to achieve it”

                  “Try to follow your heart to reach your destiny”

Hats off to author for such a wonderful book!!


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Hello friends,

         Came with yet another book by sidney sheldon,named Bloodline..The story is about Roffe and sons a pharmacy related company started by old samuel who is a brave boy ,founder of the R n S,His love made him to found this:)and his descendants start to rule the company,this story consists of love,thrill and healthy concept in it…This is the first english novel i have read,enjoyed reading and lived one among the R n S family while reading.

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Aala Piranthavar Neengal…

hello frends,

     One of the lovely book which inspired me much is “Aala Piranthavar Neengal” by  S.M.Valliappan.The book is fully about leaders and leadership…Plus point of this book is pointed out the great leaders in all(mostly covered all the fields) the fields..starting from cinema,politics,games,singing he took many many examples and quoted some of their valid points and how they become good leaders..some of the leaders whom i remember are …APJ,Vishvanathan Ananth,RajiniKanth,Kalpana Chawla, Tendulkar,J eyalalitha, Kalaigar, Ambani… mm list longs…he mentioned abt leaders in all sectors and types of leaders and leadership,who is good leader,how to become good leader etc..people who likes management really likes this book..A book worth reading have a try if possible…The cover page itself adds value for the book…thanks to the author for such a nice book..


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Kadal pura!!!

Long back finished one more book by writer Chandilian!!wonderful book which i loved to read next to Ponniyin selvan!!Superb way of expressing the emotions in words…he made us to realize and feel the things whats happening…coming to characters that “Ilaya palavan” had a character role and the whole story come around him ,his friendship with anabayar ,patriotism in expanding his country ,his love with kanchana and manjal-azhagi(ya 2 ladies 🙂 ) ,his way of tackling problems ,envision about future everything inspired me.People who love to read tamil stories dont miss it!!


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Kalvanin Kadali

In kalvanin kadali on seeing the story title people may think something funny..But the story is bit our hero became Kalvan due to his unluck..ya due to unluck and his behaviour of (muratuthanam) he misses his lover kalyani this made him to leave his native with his sister.There one of the political man tries to misbehave with his sister and the following events made him to do illegal activities.Actually the true love of him with kalyani and his sister only made him as kalvan(Love is really very dangereous).But the tricks which kalvan uses are really nice and enjoyable..story is not in the usual way of KALKI’s book..Its bit different.

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