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Valuable Day!!!

Hello friends,

         June 13…Most important day in my life:)Its our collage convocation day..We friends met after a month in convocation day..Eventhough funtion started by 4.30pm we all went to collage out of the interest to meet friends again and to fulfill some formalities…When i was walking through the rooms,office,steps, even in my collage road i felt like all the places talked with me …they conveyed some news to me…may be some sort of advice or experiences …Words are not enough to express what/how i felt…Four year painful effort and parents prayers gave us the degree B.E. Now we all are graduates:) we friends just shared smiles when we got the certificates and passed one another:)Out of joy no words come out…Then our parents got introduced within themself..which was really a great occation…Graduation day cheif guest was Dr. Ramadorai, CEO & MD of TCS..Heard some great words from him..He expressed the Need of The IT Industry and the Need for young graduates to realize the importance of learning and innovation.Finally collage group photo session..with the graduation dress:):) 


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Missed days!Missing Faces!!

Being in hostel though gives great experiences and friends the great truth is we are missing our family and native ..So deep in heart it always make me to feel at times (home sick 😦 )..But within few minutes i will be alright…On seeing some personalities we feel better without any basic reason …There may not be any relationship with them even…But we feel happy or seeing them made us cool…Such a kind of persons are Geethapriya and Kavitha of my hostel friends!!before i became close to both of them itself i like them…Whenever i feel lonely or whenever i wish to see my mom i just go to either of their room…Since seeing them makes me to feel better..But without single conversation i just return back..As days passed i had good friendship with them and visiting them also increased …!!But so late!!Missed days!!Missing Faces!!


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With dry heart and wet eyes!!!

Its Hard time that we friends are going to be separated in very few days!!people are busy with semester preparations..some are much more busy with writing AG’s..Though writing AG gives pleasure in some way it gives more pain than pleasure!!it indirectly insist that we are going to be separated!!All my lovely places library,L-Halls,Z-Halls,Confernce hall,canteen,My lovely hostel,Back Bech with nach sugan pops nd mami,treats ,Iv’s,Raksha banthan (no one in my class forget),films ,farewell,chatting with friends….gonna miss all ..:(

Especially all my friends ,akka’s and anna’s..TCE introduced many great people to me,    taught me great qualities,          Given great opportunities,            Valuable experiences,        Cherishable moments,         Life time friends..seminars,compiring,organizing,celebrations in these four years..Gave me send off with Job in Hand..without giving much pain to get it!!I am really proud to be  part of TCE ,that too in Golden Jubilee batch..Our set students in our class,hostel are so kind in nature as like gold all are valuable people..Though meeting and departing is the part of life its hard to accept the truth…

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Its to my Heaven!!

In the series of visiting friends home..Its my turn this time Me with some of my friends along with my family went to Pazhani and to parapalar dam…Really had a wonderful time with friends,relatives and ofcourse with my neighbours.Nice and a memorable trip!!Thanks to my neighbour who showered their great affection to my friends and welcomed them!!

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2 days trip:)(:

Hi friends..

Being final year and since counting our college days we started visiting our friends home and spending time with parents..It really gives great pleasure to have a friendship with the family than with a single person..this time trip to one other friend home and the count increases to 10 this time..enjoyed like something..especially i had a very different experience …she is one whose character really liked by many and went to her home & had a great time:)

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In elective class..

Once in my elective class i was asked to give a talk of 5 minutes..Actually I don’t have any idea on which topic i am going to talk.But once i reached dias i started talking about friendship  ,Because of the bad experience i realized when i was walking with  my brother and some of my friends experience it made me to talk choose this topic.

ya, i talked about friendship and i pointed out the pain of mistooking friends as some other relation(this suits for friends who were opposite gender).As once in our preplacement training some trainer said that there is a lot difference between Boy friends and Friends in boys.I hope that is true.I have some good friends in both genders.Never i accept or tolerate if others comment this badly…(but brother and sister a parthu comment panra uzhagathula ithelam enga!!!!)

I dont know what i talked in my class was right or wrong:):)but hope atleast few people try not to comment true friends..

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Trip to friends home..

3 days fully enjoyed in one of my friends house in chennai..We 6 came and went to many places..Beach ,city centre,kabali temple an so..Wonderful trip..By gods grace and my friends grace came back from sea..ya ..uyir polachen:):)then..Aunt and uncle welcomed as very wonderfully..Simply enjoyed to the core..

Visited 3 more friends home each one day.. talked and spent much time with parents:)


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