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Most painful sacrifice, the first day I rejoined my job , I left my new born who is just 3 months old , she was not even aware enough to have her milk in bottle.From the day till date I am having same heavy heart…

I know many working Mom’s have this feel, and they can understand my pain!

Wheneven i think that it makes me feel guilty and sensitive, you cant expect anyone to take care of your little one like you.You will loose your freedom for choice to decide how to bring her up!!! I wish i could stay with her …. However its for her i am running for work and home in my life… Hope she will understand me someday, she will be my good friend.

For current busy life I cant blame anyone for asking me go for job, and for my studies and for family I am trying to do my justice.After marriage many things changed , including the level of happiness.Many factors are playing vital role in making decisions,anyone can easily blame you or make you feel embaressed in front of group of people!!!

When it comes to understanding our self heart is the only one who understands us well!

I am not the first mom in the world as they say! But she is my first Baby , I have some extra care over her, hmmmm!!!! But not lucky enough to shower on her all the time … I need and wish to stay with her all the time!!! Hoping on God , everyday in my life goes like that…

I miss my friends with whom I share my love, care and sorrows!!! Not able to say a ‘Hi’ though, Running in life race , cant see who is running behind me or infront of me … But expecting someone to hold my hand and run with me 🙂 I know and i believe Lord is there , and he is the only one with whom i am having constant communicationa and connection!


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My Little Dakssha!!!

It’s about couple years I blogged after my marriage I hardly have time to sit and think about me! Not even spending time for self-analysis… I am tired!! Need a break … My lovely Bloggieee …. How many ups and downs how I missed you so long….

Let me try to put in everything one by one …

My Little Dakssha!!! 

I am proud mother now … I have my own Gift who can make me feel all emotions together in same time!

Richer than me , you can never be

I have my little cutiepie

Who is now healing her grandparents sorrow

And hearing their stories!!!

She is our dancing doll!

She is the reason for bonding …

She is the sense behind all my choice!!!

she is spreading more happiness around me than ever

When her father holds her I feel the truth, She made him as a double lover !!!

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Hanumaan Chalisaa in Tamil

Dear All,

I have been searching for tamil hanumaan chalisaa for so long,and finally registered in some spiritual site and got it .I have uploaded the same here for other Hanumaan Fans like Me !! Jai Hanumaan !!Read and enjoy !!

Hanumaan chalisaa in Tamil

Thanks to the site which offered the option to get it in tamil.



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#3# Brothers who lifts Me!!

Hi Folks!!

I am here to thank 3 of my brothers who is lifting me up in All Ways and always 🙂 Mani,Arun and Dinesh.Its in past few years i became very close to Arun & Dinesh anna who are my cousin brothers.Mani ,my blood brother,who started loving me from the day of my birth!!Though it be family or work  issues,each having their own specific way of lifting me up!!If i get another life i want all three to be my own brothers !! Got wonderful pair for Mani anna,She is friendly with me!!Expecting same from other two too!!I dont want to miss the bond with them for any reason and at any cost!!Thanks to all three of you !!(actually i dont know whether they will find chance to see the this post!!)

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Attitude which made me fool-Shanmathi!!

Sorry friends ,Today shanmathi with her own crying story ..not happy story 🙂

Hi all..Shanmathi was made fool just because she trusted someone!!She just wanted to share with us!!

Am scribbling my deep pains here for the first time..As am helpless and not in a position to control my tears no more…Its All about an Attitude which made me fool!!May be pouring words here will make me feel better as i have none to feel my pain,mean really i don’t want to blame the person to scribbling here commonly!!So that no one knows who did this also i will feel better!!

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Childhood favourites!!

The very first movie which i loved the most in my childhood is Én Aasai Machaan’!!Whenever and wherever i hear the songs from this film ,i just use to stop myself to hear the whole song..recently it happened in dindigul Bus stand..I really feel happy hearing songs from that film..And next to that , ‘Nenjukulle’ song from Ponnumani is my childhood favourite song..Thanks to You Tube..Today gotta chance to see my loved songs in video..


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New Journey!!

Share a thought of love with me,

Dream a life together with me,

keep the twinkle in your eyes which made me mad:)

keep away those tears which made me sad,

I always wish to miss myself in you..

Whether you know it or not its you,

about whom i think whenever i am alone!!

Be with me at the shores of loneliness,

Show me the new definition for happiness

Hold my hand during this new journey of life,

Its new,Different from school/college/work journey,

All those seminary and funny days which i enjoyed..

I want you to feel rich,hmmm.. figuring out all the moments

Which i could give you , and with money you can’t buy.

Hurt me…Tease me…Make me cry..

But at the end give me a shoulder on which i could lean..

May oneday come in later part of life,when we lose our age,strength

but not the intimacy!!

Thanks to them who is the reason behind all these to happen..

Ofcourse to our parents,Who sacrificed their happiness

Just to brought up us right from the day we born..


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