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Hello friends,

      Many of us,almost every one of us will be having  the habit of using one or more dictionaries.Sometimes i use to struggle because of missing of apt words to make the search easier though i know the coresponding word in another language…One of my friend suggested a link which has searching flexibility in tamil,english and german languages..Just thought to share it with you all..hopr it will be useful..Here is the link address for you..

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Don’t Copy:):)

Hello friends,

        Though technology advancement helps us to make life easier,it also becoming advanced one in opposite way too:):)Don’t copy.. Right from small tests in schools copying is bad habit:):)but i am not going to say anything related to that ,its computer shortcut copy…by using ctrl+c or by right clicking the mouse we use to copy data while we were using net connection ,or visiting websites which leads to data privacy loss,i have got a mail regarding this an thought it will be useful to share with you all..



Try to keep your private data safer:):)

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Phishing attack of HDFC!!

Hello friends ..

If you have read my previous post you will be able to know whats Phishing attack is!!!Here is an example of an Phishing attack of HDFC!!Thats is some fake party which sends mail like it was sent by the bank actually!!Beware of these type of attacks…

fake msg

Once you clicked that “click here to start” the next page comes…Notice the URL now…

fake URL!!

Its a good example of a Phishing Attack. If we notice the URL  address, we can clearly identify that it’s not from  the bank.and its from some other  third party!!

Please do not enter any details in the above link.

If incase one have done it before, call up the customer care of the bank and have your PIN’s reset immediately.
If you are lucky enough, you may still find your money.

Though technology advancement helps human to live easy life it also has its own troubles!!Anyway lets beware of it…:)

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Last year being 3rd year we conducted our department symposium in a very grand manner!!ya the count of students exeeds much than what we expected..Great experience with our C-Y-B-E-R.And now, this time being in golden jubilee year our college planned to make all our department symposium’s under single umbrella!!Ya,Its our festival T-E-C-U-T-H-S-A-V..Our Uthsav starts on 13th evening of this month and ends by 17th evening..Being god with us we the entire college organizing and expecting our Vizha!!Participate and enjoy with us..We welcome you all!!

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Need Patience!!

I understood one thing about LDAP in the Linux environment.One who is new to FOSS area need patience to do anything in that.But once we experience to work with it,it gives pleasure to find new things in that. We need to modify some configuration files for any sort of work(i hope so..).Ofcourse google and mailing lists are there to help..The area is very interesting to work with.Today after a week struggle,with the help of my friends Internet got connected in debian environment in my laptop.Its,”Broadcom Corporation Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-PCI Card (rev 01)”.

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First Review over..

     After struggling started the project…Today first review got over.Ofcourse many of my friends performed well.Hope our team too.All due to Gods grace ..

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A little post with a bit info..

  On seeing an article i had a doubt that what is the difference between Outsourcing and offshoring..That pushed me to write this little post with a bit info:)..


In business, the term word sourcing refers to a number of procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers of goods and services as we know.

Offshoring  and Outsourcing:

Offshoring describes the relocation of business processes such as production, manufacturing, or services from one country to another whereas Outsourcing is subcontracting a business process, to a third-party company.Reason for outsourcing is to

reduce cost and to make more efficient use of labor, capital, technology and resources.In offfshoring too reducing the cost is the basic two terms Outsourcing and offshoring are not the same thing.Offshoring is simply outsourcing outside of the country.

Now, what it means Offshore outsourcing?It is the practice of hiring an external organization to perform business functions in a country other than the one where the products/services are actully developed.It is different from offshoring.
Now comes,Onshoring(domestic outsourcing)
Onshoring is “the act of transferring some of a company’s recurring interval activities and decision rights to outside providers, as set in a contract, usually within the same country, in order to reduce costs. “.

Next,Farmshoring – Is shifting of employment from abroad into rural communities across the United States. It is conceptually similar to onshoring. Farmshoring refers to a specific variety of outsourcing where, services being sourced outside of the contracting company, from urban to rural locations.

Finally,Nearshoring means sourcing service activities to a foreign, lower-wage country that is relatively close in distance or time zone (or both). The customer expects to benefit from geographic, temporal, cultural, linguistic, economic, political, or historical linkages. The term “nearshore” was originally used in the context of fishing/ocean-based activities and later by the business world.

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