Wedding Invitation !!

Our wedding invite thro website … (Am publishing the words & invitation here for my remembrance 😉 )

 “A journey has begun, for two hearts to beat as one.

The joining of two souls and two families to unite”

We experienced love…

in our parents, families and friends.

They decided it so early ,

Yes , they coined our names together when our childhood days started ..

then we crossed years to find each other,

where a new love in us bloomed…

and we decided to share our tomorrows

and all that they hold…

Together with our parents, we




invite you with immense pleasure to join us as

we unite in marriage


Sunday the 6th of March 2011

between 7.30 A.M. to 8.30 A.M.

VNC Mahal (Near Residency Hotel)

Karur – 639 001

We look forward to celebrate with you…

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Back to the Nest !!

Dear Friends ,

                       After i look back its about 7 months since i have blogged !! Life had compltely changed its route in these days !! Mainly because of my marriage arrangements ,last minute packings and work assignments i didnt get much time to spend in FB or Blogging !! It was full busy and tight days with all type of wedding purchases,invitation distribution and phone calls from Nov 2010-Feb 2011.After completing office formalities for my almost 3 years experience,hardly said bye to everyone at work place and i was gearing up for a Gala event !! Its, My Marriage – March 6 😉 March first week marriage mela started ,it went through whole  month and we both traveled to Florida by april first week for his work assignment.Being Home Maker my daily routine had changed which includes cooking,washing,cleaning so on…Now just back to blogging !!                                                                                                                                                                                        
Having many things running in my mind to be blogged !! Hope to be a regular blogger .. Let See 😉 😉
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Navarathri Special!!

Dear All,

Do you know what Navarathri means ??                                                                                                                  Just few lines about Nava – Rathri !!

Navaratri means nine nights in Sanskrit,During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti/Durga Devi are worshiped.In houses & temples we can see Golu !! Golu is adorned with dolls – mostly with gods and goddesses depicting mythology.It was always my desire to go to temple all nine days but somehow i was missing that till last year.. Durga Blessed me this year ..Yes , Starting from Mahalaya Amavasai,including Navarathri , till Vijaya dasami i had seen all alankars this time..and now am used to go to temple daily which really gives me positive power also helps me to feel so peaceful.I love silence & listening others now-a-days!!It always gives great pleasure to stay in temple in  silennt environment and to listen kids & adults !! This daily visit motivated me to read something about Navarathri & 9 forms of Durga !! I have just shared a link here for people who are also interested in knowing the 9 forms !!


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Do you Know?

Hi All,

Could anyone give me the answer for the below question…

Which one of the following is a fundamental difference between while loops & numeric for loops in oracle ?

1.while loops cannot be based on numeric conditions;numeric for loops are always based on numeric conditions;
2.The number of iterations a while loop makes  is unknown or not specified;numeric for loops are designed to loop a specific no of times.
3.while loops depend on the state of the variable and terminate when the state changes;numeric for loops do not.
4.when numbers are used in while loop,they are actually character data;numeric for loops use binary_integer values.
5.while loops terminate  explicitly;the termination of numeric for loops is stated implicitly.


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What’s Gift in your term??

In modern day, for each and every occasion people started sponsoring gifts. I was just wondering what actually gift communicates between two!!

Random reasons which may be the reason behind giving gifts!!

A gift tells the recipient a lot more than the gift itself. Sometimes, A One Rupee coin or A single rose means more than the most expensive gift in the world. The right gift at right time can indeed communicates a million words.

Gifting a smile or a kiss to a kid when it does some cute action is the best gift ever. Still, coming to physical existence of gift what would be the best one? Well, while selecting a gift we would consider most factors and I have listed some from my point of view.

Factors related to gift giving,

1. Occasion,

 2. Bond between the sender and receiver,

3.  Sender,

4.The Gift itself,

5.The thought,

 6. Receiving Person.

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Not By Birth , But By Choice !!

A Poem Specially dedicated to Arun Anna,with whom am spending these few years.Especially very few months.

In life journey,

Its always thrill to see new world everyday and experience adventurous,

Same way i met you nine years back…

It took very few minutes for you to steel my heart…

As years passed life made us to meet again..

Without reasons traveled so long once in a year just to meet you!!

I prayed and prayed; God blessed me to be stay with you for so many days till today!!

Dream days has come to real,

I spent so many days with you…

We chatted, we roamed & more…

You teased me, kidded me but finally hold my hands with smile…

Your childish activities made me like you even more…

You made me think why i haven’t born near you, as your childhood friend…

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Hanumaan Chalisaa in Tamil

Dear All,

I have been searching for tamil hanumaan chalisaa for so long,and finally registered in some spiritual site and got it .I have uploaded the same here for other Hanumaan Fans like Me !! Jai Hanumaan !!Read and enjoy !!

Hanumaan chalisaa in Tamil

Thanks to the site which offered the option to get it in tamil.



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